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About: 1800 / 1870, Iran


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Cover, woven and brocaded silk and metal thread, faced with bias cut plain weave silk and backed with cotton twill. Warp: blue silk, pink silk, Z-twist Weft: red and white silk Metal thread: silver-gilt strip open S-wound on light yellow silk core. Made up from at least nine pieces. Dark blue ground with an overall pattern of long, narrow lozenges formed by two simple serrated leaves in red. The lozenges are 11 cm from the centre of one rosette to the centre of the next, and 9.5 cm wide. The junctions of the lozenges are embellished with geometric forms which combine a square either in red or white and a lobed cross in red. Inside the square is a small central 4-petalled rosette in red highlighted with blue, from which emerge 8 leafy fronds in metal thread. Inside the long lozenge is an overall pattern of flowering stems and tendrils emerging from each of the lobed junction motifs again in metal thread with red details. Across two thirds of the top there is evidence of the end of a loom piece: with 12 shoots of metal thread followed by 10 shoots of red and then at least 8 shoots of metal thread. See 1349-1899 for similar textile. Facing: bias cut black silk Backing: unpatterned red cotton twill; several pieces joined together.

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